New Parrot squad??

Whilst the Pirates have done well to secure so many new players spare a thought for the Parrots. Knee injuries, immigration and inter-team transfers have resulted in a shortage of players- particularly the girls. Have no fear- Neil is confident as the season approaches with the makings of a new Parrot squad. Squawk!!

2016- Pirate catch up

How time flies. It only seems like a few weeks ago that the 2015 season finished with the Pirates keeping their spot in Minors 1 and the Parrots securing promotion to the giddy heights of Minors 2. With many players keeping their fitness (and drinking) up through indoor hopefully the transition to outdoor should be a … Continue reading 2016- Pirate catch up

League AGM report – Heat can’t handle the Heat

  The League AGM was held this week and the undoubted highlight was that the Hampstead Heat have withdrawn from the league. Citing umpiring issues, lack of player availability as well as a strong disliking for the Pimlico Pirates and their manager, as the primary reasons for leaving the league. Alas, they have not disbanded and … Continue reading League AGM report – Heat can’t handle the Heat