Wanted! New players for Buccs and Parrots

Due to some last minute shenanigans both the Buccs and the Parrots are on the hunt for new players, especially girls. Buccs are based in Wandsworth and are in Minors 2 whereas Parrots are Minors 3 and based in Regents Park. Just in case anyone is not familiar with the term minors/majors it means that we … Continue reading Wanted! New players for Buccs and Parrots

PSC is growing!

The blog is a little late but following the AGM back in February Pimlico Softball Club is growing with the Buccaneers added the the Club. Managed by Mendy and Dave the Buccs will be playing in Minors 2 at John Archer way on Wednesday night while the Pirates will be playing there for home games … Continue reading PSC is growing!

Pirates top the table!

Following a ruthless (not Ruth less) victory against the Knights last Thursday the Pirates have risen to the top of the Minors 1 table. It's been a fair few years since we enjoyed this position so the away game against Raiders Red at Bellevue road will be a key one.  

New Parrot squad??

Whilst the Pirates have done well to secure so many new players spare a thought for the Parrots. Knee injuries, immigration and inter-team transfers have resulted in a shortage of players- particularly the girls. Have no fear- Neil is confident as the season approaches with the makings of a new Parrot squad. Squawk!!