2014 Fixtures- the countdown begins!

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 6 months since we last played outdoor, unless of course you're Captain Keano aka Chris and you play every weekend, come rain or shine. For the rest of us mere mortals the time has come to dust off our gloves, find your shin pads on and start warming up … Continue reading 2014 Fixtures- the countdown begins!


After a messy, fun and some might say noisy night in Northcote Road, Clapham, we were all winners! Here's a rundown of the softball awards, all 39 of them! Nominees Winner 1 MOST IMPROVED FEMALE Alice - Marines - Shazza Marines 2 MOST IMPROVED MALE Sohan -Bola Sohan 3 BEST OUTFIELDER Josie - Dave - … Continue reading WINNERS!!

End of season awards!

In just a couple of days it will be time for our hotly anticipated end of season do and of course the AWARDS!Up for contention this year are the following:Male MVPFemale MVPGolden Glove awardBest male batterBest female batterBest Defensive playBest individual performanceMost improved maleMost improved femaleSqueaky bum timeShowboatingMine's a triple!Best outfielderManagers PlayerIf that weren't enough … Continue reading End of season awards!

Stat Wars!

It's all out battle in the Stat Wars with Dave just holding off Gids and Chris with Phil and Neil narrowly behind. With one definite game left to play it's going to go down to the wire. Who will be King of the Stats??

End of season awards- winners!

And the results are......Most Improved MaleNominees: Bola, Sohan, DaveJoint winners: Bola and SohanMost Improved FemaleNominees: Josie, Ruth, SharonWinner: RuthBest Male BatterNominees: Dave, Neil, Paul-EWinner: NeilBest Female batter Nominees: Donna, Ruth, NadineWinner: DonnaBest Female Fielder Nominees: Alice, Nadine, FionaWinner: FionaBest defensive play It could only be Tom!Best Newcomer Nominees: Baldeep, Marines, FionaWinner: FionaBest RingerNominees: Natalie, Natalie, NatalieWinner: Natalie!Best All RounderNominees: … Continue reading End of season awards- winners!