Pirates kick Knight arse!

Following a tight game against the Meteors last week it was time to let loose against the re-promoted Knights. Last year we fared well against them with a home and away victory but as we know all too well in softball you can never underestimate your opponent (anyone remember losing twice to an awful Hampstead Heat … Continue reading Pirates kick Knight arse!

Pirates bounce back with win over Meteors

We all know the game against the Cheetahs was not our best to the point that it was not even mentioned in the blog. What was important that we bounced back against a strong and undefeated Meteors team away at Finsbury Park. Once again the guys were notorious in their absence with Chris on his … Continue reading Pirates bounce back with win over Meteors

New Parrot squad??

Whilst the Pirates have done well to secure so many new players spare a thought for the Parrots. Knee injuries, immigration and inter-team transfers have resulted in a shortage of players- particularly the girls. Have no fear- Neil is confident as the season approaches with the makings of a new Parrot squad. Squawk!!