Pirates top the table!

Following a ruthless (not Ruth less) victory against the Knights last Thursday the Pirates have risen to the top of the Minors 1 table. It's been a fair few years since we enjoyed this position so the away game against Raiders Red at Bellevue road will be a key one.  

Pirates kick Knight arse!

Following a tight game against the Meteors last week it was time to let loose against the re-promoted Knights. Last year we fared well against them with a home and away victory but as we know all too well in softball you can never underestimate your opponent (anyone remember losing twice to an awful Hampstead Heat … Continue reading Pirates kick Knight arse!

New Parrot squad??

Whilst the Pirates have done well to secure so many new players spare a thought for the Parrots. Knee injuries, immigration and inter-team transfers have resulted in a shortage of players- particularly the girls. Have no fear- Neil is confident as the season approaches with the makings of a new Parrot squad. Squawk!!

Pimlico Parrots looking for softball girls in London for 2016 season

The Pimlico Parrots are looking for a several new girls for the 2016 softball season. We have a full roster of men but could do with a couple of girls after losing a few girls to pregnancies, emigration and injuries. We welcome players of all abilities preferably beginners or novices as we play in the 5th division of … Continue reading Pimlico Parrots looking for softball girls in London for 2016 season