Match Reports

APRIL 27th, 2017

Bat to the Future vs. Parrots 18-14 (L); Clissold Park

Team: Neil (Cuban) Fernandez (CL); Ay Ping Chew (1B); Neil (show-us-the) Weyman (LF); Baldeep (Bazza) Weyman (2B); Tony (2innings) Wicks (P); Hannah (Angry Helen) Clarke (CR); Gerry (Lightening) Wicks (SS); Pooja (Sleepy) Shah (C); Mike (The Mechanic) Hollis (3B); Maia (Masha) Nikolova (RF); Ryan (Ezza) (DH); Tara (DH)

18.45 and the only early birds/parrots were myself and newbie Ay Ping.  In fact there were 5 other newbies in the team today – most completely new to the sport. The team eventually arrive (from the pub), but the weather isn’t kind – fading light, wet with a chill in the air, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. It was squawking time!

An entertaining game followed with the newbies giving a good account of themselves. Tara winning MVP vote and great performances from others. Tony (Parrot-of-the-day) providing the comedy moments with 3 super slips (oh his poor butt) including one long to be remembered out for the count with the batter with a race to pick themselves up and get to 1B – Tony won!

Despite the narrow loss in 5 innings we can safely say it’s going to be a fun season ahead!