May 14th 2014 – Banditos vs Parrots

Banditos steal 3 points with comeback victory 

The squawkers lost their 1st game of the season after an excellent display against the Banditos which in the end wasn’t enough to get the 3 points in the satchel. A healthy 16 players turned up for the game, with Gideon nursing a leg injury and Paul happy to coach and captain, we played 7 and 7. The Parrots welcomed two new players in to the team, Holly at 2nd base and the Wheeler at Catcher. Merin, Jamie and Steph also played their 1st official game in a Parrot uniform. Carter was given the parrot hat for his leak outside the Albany last week and wore it with aplomb.

Feeling confident and in good spirits, Ski are favourite umpire, stepping in for the Sombreros, called Play. Innings one started well, with only one run conceded. AJ led us off with a beautiful home run and at 7-2 after 2 innings, the Parrots we’re looking good. However, the Banditos were very well drilled in defence and had been playing together for a number of years. The runs dried up as we struggled to get past 1st base. Holly hit some powerful line drives at the waiting 3rd base, whilst Matt, Mia and Ben couldn’t find the rhythm or the rhyme that lead to their MVP award winning hitting the week before. A lot of our best hits were restricted to singles meaning the Banditos recorded several outs at 2nd base. Despite excellent defence from Holly at 2nd, as well some great plays on 1st by AJ the score was 8-8 after 5 innings. More brilliant defence in the outfield led by Carter, Gerard and Matt meant the Banditos scored zero runs in the 6th so we had 6 outs to get in to the lead. Our outfield defence was now 18 strong as Donna had skilfully recruited some little helpers, the footballers behind the pitch, so if the ball went past they were quick to throw the ball back to her. This was to come in hand later. Squawk!

A scoreless 6th meant it was still tied at 8 each going in to the last. The game changed when a huge hit by the pitcher with bases loaded looked like giving them a 4 run lead. Donna collected the ball off her footballer friend, passed to Matt who threw flat and hard to Jamie at Short stop in the cut off.. The pitcher was hunting down home, Neil covered the plate and a perfect flat throw was caught, the tag was applied, but unfortunately Neil was unable to keep control of the ball as the pace of the runner meant the ball bobbled free. Had the out been made, it would have gone down in PSC folklore and wouldn’t have looked out of place at Wrigley field. Anyhow, needing 7 to win in the last, it was an up hill task and despite some solid contacts, we couldn’t get any around safely.

Special mentions must go to Merin with a 2nd base and a walk out of 3 at bats, Carter for a great double, despite being tagged trying to get back to 2nd. As he put it to me after, try stopping Usain Bolt after 100 metres, fair point. Donna also recorded two hits out of three, Gerard being the only parrot with 100% 2 from 2. Congratulations must also go to Sarah recording her 1st base hit. Way to go Wheeler.

AJ picked up the MVP for his homer, double and great defence. Holly finished 2nd after a fantastic debut. Best defence went to Neil for all round scurrying around the in field whilst Gerard picked up the sick as a parrot award from Carter for the biggest loudest squawk of the century and will don the new Polly hat next week.

It was a proud display from the Parrots. If the banter, performance, commitment and enjoyment remain at this level for the rest of the season, it will be a very special debut season indeed.

Up the Parrots!




Best Defence – Neil

Parrot of the Day – Gerard (biggest squawk)


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