June 24th 2014 – Parrots @ Sombreros

The GLSML fixture list looks a bit like the Premiership one, random. Our 2nd game against Golden Sombreros before we’ve even played the Sliders once. Anyhow, a squad of 11 made their way to Hackney with Miya bringing in her mate Lisa, easily the tallest on the team. The Pimlico Parrots are a bit like the Chile of London softball, short and speedy. The outfield was a concern, hard as concrete with plenty of holes so infield balls were going to be tricky.

1st innings:

As the away team Ben led off and some unfavourable low pitch calls from the umpire meant Ben took a 3rdstrike looking. Matt hit a very handsome Home run to get us on the board. In the field we held them to two runs with Merin making an outstanding catch from a foul tip that just looped over 6 foot.

Parrots 1 – Sombreros 2

2nd innings :

Neil kicked off the 2nd with a home run, his 4th in a row and Baldeep hit a beautiful line drive through the gap between 1st and 2nd to get a single. Carter got a base hit, Steph a fielders choice, Gerry a single, followed by 2 outs to give us 2 runs in toal. Matt kept up the quality defence with a nice catch in left centre shutting them out with no runs from 4 hitters.

Parrots 3 – Sombreros 2

3rd innings :

Three straight hits from Chiemi, Matt and Mia scored 2 runs but the innings ended after Neil found the outfielder in right centre and Baldeep hit back to the pitcher. The defence was on fire with 2 strikeouts and an easy out at 1st to keep the Sombreros at bay.

Parrots 5 – Sombreros 2

4th innings :

Steph powered to 1st base with some great hustle and Merin launched the ball in the gap to also get on base, but we were unable to drive any runs home with Gerrard and Ben both hitting fielders choices. The top of the Sombreros line up scored a home run which scored 3 runs. All tied up

Parrots 5 – Sombreros 5

5th innings :

Neil hit his 2nd home run of the game to drive Matt home, Baldeep got to 2nd whilst Carter picked up an RBI after some sneaky base running between 3rd and home. Ben was so busy enjoying Baldeep going back and forth in a run down that he forgot to send Carter to 2nd. Anyhow Steph struckout for the 3rd out to end the innings. More shutout defence followed with Gerrard and Baldeep combining well at 2nd, with Ben also playing great defence on his first appearance at 1st base.

Parrots 8 – Sombreros 5

6th innings :

Merin took a wak, Ben got a single, Chiemi struck out before Matt hit a bomb to right field. All three players were home high fiving when the umpire declared the ball had actually run dead as it spun down the hill. A little harsh given the size of the hit, a tough judgement call. Anyhow, Lisa hit a double in her 1st ever at bat, a bomb to right field to drive home the two runs that were left stranded. Neil hit to right field but their girl took a smart catch to end the innings. Taking the field, the Haggertson heap took its toll with a ball sharply bouncing in to Baldeep’s jaw. Ouch. A cold can of beer and paracetamol wasn’t enough and that was our 2nd base out of the game on the sidelines after an MVP performance of base running, hitting and defence. Not deterred, Miya came back in and snared a fiercely hit line drive at 3rd to end the innings with only one scored. Go Parrots!

Parrots 11 – Sombreros 6

7th innings :

Unfortunately it was a case of 3 up, 3 down, with Carter, Mia and Steph all out running to 1st. With 5 runs in the bag we were feeling confident of securing the victory.

Gerrard was in the thick of it at Short stop, almost making a great catch, but just couldn’t keep control of the ball. With one out and runners on 1st and 2nd, Matt took a very good catch in the deep with his unusual two handed technique and slinged the ball in. The 2nd base  runner assuming the ball wouldn’t be caught didn’t tag up and as the ball was caught by Neil, jogged over to 2nd to record the out and the ball game. The on field blue pulled the 1st and forearm down to give the out. However, on consultation with the home plate blue, the decision was over turned. Still not sure why, but nevertheless, the Sombreros managed to find the gaps when it mattered and snuck home.

A really great game in which we were the better team for the vast majority and ultimately were unfortunate not to hold on for the victory.

Final score : Parrots 11 – Sombreros 12


MVP – Baldeep, sneaky base running, two hits, great defence at 2nd and wore one at 2nd.

Defensive –Merin catch at home,  (Runners up – Miya line drive snare, Matt two catches in outfield)

Parrot of the Day – TBC

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