Week 14 and Phil is crowned King of the Stats for the guys with Chris in 2nd and Dave 3rd. Phil came soooo close to finishing on 1000 but was out on an infield fly, voiding  his Mr 1000 nickname for ever after.

Nads cemented herself in top place for the girls with her best batting season to date along with Marines who also had had got a PB this season. Alice picked up 3rd place but has that all important HR agains her name!

Homers: Chris (12), Dave (5), Phil (4), Shorty (4)

Runs: Chris (31), Shorty (24), Marines (19)

RBIS: Chris (40), Shorty (22), Dave (22)

Sluggo: Chris (2.179), Phil (2.056), Dave (1.80)

LOB: Nads (11), Dave (10)

BB: Shaz (8), Chris (4), Nads (4)

K: Shaz (9)


Screenshot 2014-08-08 14.19.30

Week 11 and Chris rules the roost with 7 homers and top of the stats. Dave is out for remainder of the season so it’s all down to Chris to keep it up. A perfect week for Bola sees him climb up the stat ladder- could we see a late surge from the People’s Short Stop??

Nadine rules the roost for the girls with her best stats to date (0.63). Marines is just behind at 0.621 so it’s going to be close! Special mention to Josie who’s also on her best stats to date.

Screenshot 2014-07-20 18.52.00

Week 5 and following a nutty whipping of the Tigers almost everyone’s stats are on the rise! After a MVP performance Lucy climbs to 2nd with Marines still ahead of the chasing pack.

Screenshot 2014-06-07 14.47.49
















Week 4 and a tasty win against the Voodoos. Phil (somehow) stays at the top whilst Dave steals Chris’ bike from the Tigers game last year.  The fact that Sohan is in 6th place with 0.769 shows just how good that stats are this year. Alice, Josie and Nads all increased their average this week with Marines still top of the girls.

Screenshot 2014-05-30 18.39.25



Despite not batting Phil still holds firm at the top with Dave in second, whilst Marines surges ahead of the girls, followed by Eva. With stats like this how the hell are we losing???




After game 2 and a broken and dislocated finger Phil secures top position for the boys with Dave in second, with Marines flying ahead for the girls.

Screenshot 2014-05-23 00.16.17














The battle has begun! Phil, Dave, Chris and Shorty all on 1.00 with Marines leading the way with the RBIs.

Normally 18 runs would win any game but not when we concede 15 in the first 4 innings!

Screenshot 2014-05-11 10.08.13

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