Screenshot 2015-07-15 16.44.38

Ignoring Gids at the top with his one hit, Dave just about sits atop the Pirate mob with Shorty, Chris and Phil just behind. Nads is flying at the top of the girls with Jade and Lucy in second and third place.

Other stats:

Homers: Chris (5), Dave (3), Phil (3)

Sluggo: Chris (1.73), Phil (1.50), Shorty (1.42)

1st base dates: Jade (14), Dave (13), Nads (10)

2nd base quickies: Junior (9), Chris (8), Phil (7)

RBIS: Chris (22), Dave (13), Nads (13)

Walkers: Phil, Shorty, Nads (2)

KKK: Shaz, Player

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