2013: League table

After 14 games Pirates come third for the second season in a row. Despite a late surge the Kamikazes are relegated as well as the Tigers.

week 14 league


After 13 games. Despite our loss against the Ducks we are still guaranteed third place thanks to the win against the Voodicks. The bottom of the league is looking far more interesting with the Tigers and Heat tied at 4-11.

Heat still have to play the Mob, Pirates and Tigers whereas the Tigers have to play the Fuzzy Ducks, Heat and the Mob. It’s likely that both teams will lose their games which means that relegation will depend on their head to head.

week 13 league

After 11 games the Fuzzy ducks are on the verge of winning the division and gaining promotion while the Pirates stay in third place. It looked as if the Raiders were heading down until their win against us this week but the next game against the Voodoos will be crucial if we want to secure third and possibly go up.

week 11 league

After 10 games- Pirates hold third and there’s a rumour that third might be enough to go up!

week 10 league

After 9 games- Pirates hold third but with games to play against the Raiders and Voodoos it’s going to be tight!

week 9 league

After 8 games- Pirates rise to third place:

week 8 league

After 7 games:

week 7 league

After 5 games:

2013 after 5 games

After 4 games:

week 4 league

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