August 16 2012: Pirates vs Heat

With four teams tied at 18 points each this was just about our last chance to push back into the the giddy heights of div 5. That of course meant beating Hampstead Heat who were also tied on 18 points and more important, exacting revenge on their pitcher and short stop who, as umpires,  cost us the game against the Wolves.

Once again we were at full strength with a 8 girls (!) and 6 guys even without team Dohan, who were selfishly enjoying their honeymoon. With Sohan missing on first Alice stepped in to take his place with Chris trying another new position at second.

Unusually the Heat elected to bat first and the Pirates took to the field.   Literally less than 5 minutes later but with a couple of runs scored the Pirates were up to bat with ‘sidewinder’ shorty up first.

As always mr consistent made second but proceeded to stay there while Ruth, then Chris, followed by Alice all found the glove of the Heat.

Pirates 0, heat 2

Seconds out, round two. This time our defensive plays kicked in and with a lovely catch from Bola and double play from Fiona they were out again with 1 run scored. All we had to do to catch up was score 3 runs- shouldn’t be that difficult? Or so you would think as despite Neil’s efforts to steal a home run after running through second we were all out again with zero runs on the board.

Pirates 0, heat 3

On to the third where solid defence was the key as we once again managed to hold them with more catches from Nadine and Chris but most important 0 runs conceded. Unfortunately the Heat managed to do exactly the same to us as despite Josie and I making first and second respectively we were left on base after bola, Sharon and Shorty were all caught out. With three innings done so far with 13 at bats, caught 6 times no runs scored it wasn’t looking promising.

Pirates 0, heat 3

And still it continued into the fourth. Once again we held them with Shorty taking a great catch followed by his trademark throw into second and another double play from Tom who fielded a bouncing ground ball, ran over second and threw to Chris on first. Two out in the blink of an eyelid but next thing you know we were all out again with Chris caught and Alice and Ruth finding infielders who threw into first. Saying that Ruth would have made it if she didn’t slow down Usain Bolt style as she crossed first. This was looking very bad stat wise but luckily we were only 3 behind.

Pirates 0, Heat 3

And then it began- we held the Heat to just one run and the legendary Pirate rally followed. It started with Tom making second from a ground ball, followed by a cracker from Nadine which saw Tom make home for our first run. Neil followed that with another run to second and Nadine was able to charge home. Bola continued the batting with a typical feet first slide into third and made it home through Josie’s RBI. Not that Bola knew as he strolled home thinking we were all out, which we were 2 bats later. It might not have been legendary but under the circumstances it was vital as we had drawn level.

Pirates 4, Heat 4

Top of the sixth now with everything to play for but once again the Heat failed to rise to the occasion and were out for zero runs. We were back in with Shorty first up who took the first (and only) walk of the game. Marines hit well but was caught which left it to Chris to bat him in and make third. Baldeep delivered the next run through a skilful sacrifice allowing Chris a sneaky sprint home.

Pirates 6, Heat 4

It wasn’t exactly an unassailable lead but it proved to be enough as through tight defence we managed to hold them to zero runs. The game ended with a trademark Tom pick up and run to second forcing the out.

Final score: Pirates 6, Heat 4

Game over and it had taken just over an hour and seen just 29 at bats. Still a win is a win and we duly celebrated at Le Gothique. Where the heat went, nobody knew!

MVP:                   Nadine

Defence:               Tom’s double play

Runners up:        Fiona’s double play, Shorty and Bola ‘Bola’ award: Fiona- best debut

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