July 3 2012: Pirates vs Tornadoes

With three back to back losses it was time to get back to winning ways against our least favourite team – the Moanadoes, sorry the Tornadoes. Our last encounter ended well for us with a decisive victory although they snubbed our offer of a drink after the game and spent the entire time moaning about our supposed aggressive play. Anyway that was weeks ago so it was unlikely that they would hold a grudge?

Once again Chris was out with an injury but with Ruth back in play and for once had a full strength team even with  Baldeep, Josie and Fiona missing the game. With this in mind and following our narrow loss last week Neil tinkered with the line up and played 6-6, starting off with Shorty, Donna, Neil, Alice then Tom.

This worked out pretty well in the first innings with lovely hits from shorty, Donna (walking), Neil and Tom with Alice unlucky to be caught on a massive hit. 4 runs so far but with a pop up from bola and a pea roller from me (after a legit ball was called foul) and we were all out with Ruth (or in this case Donna as her runner), Nadine and myself left on base.

The Tornadoes also started well with some nice hitting into the gaps and rode their luck a bit with an uncharacteristic dropped catch my myself (damn that wet ball) and a dubious umpire call on first with Sohan’s feet clearly not leaving the base. Despite this we kept it tight and were able to hold them to 3 runs and no arguments so far!

Pirates 4, Tornados 3

Seconds out- round 2 with Sohan, Sharon and shorty and Neil  all making base and batting each other around. Both Alice and Ruth got to walk with Bola and Nadine unlucky to pick up a fielder’s choice despite good hits. Still another 4 runs which was good news. The Tornadoes responded with some more positive hitting and it was going quite well for them until their lead runner on third decided to race Tom to the home plate. Whilst he was fast he didn’t count on Tom’s lightning speed (injured hey Tom??) and Tom managed to tag him before he got to the base. When I say tag I mean charge straight into him and both went flying, the runner being called out. It was at this that the mood from the opposition became as dark as the clouds above us. Apparently according to Moanado philosophy softball is a social sport which means that ‘aggressive’ plays shouldn’t really be allowed. What a crock although that might explain why they never threw home . Maybe we should play with a ping pong ball next time just to please them? Either way they were out with 2 runs scored and looking very pissed off.

Pirates 8, Tornados 5

Third innings now with solid hits from myself and Nadine with So and Sharon opting for the walk and Neil and Donna caught and Alice struck out. Still it was enough to pick up another 4 runs through RBIs so we were already ahead by 7. Tornados up again and any chance they thought they had of catching up were extinguished by the one man army known as Tom who picked up a lovely double play (ground ball pick up, tags second base then throws to first to get two outs). Suffice to say that at this point Tom was public enemy one and the Tornados were resorting to slides into second to take him out.

Pirates 12, Tornados 5

The fourth innings saw a bit of a batting collapse for the Pirates with some good fielding (for a change) from their miserable short stop. Only 1 run scored but once again we were able to hold them with some tight fielding. Neil managed to pick up the best defence award with some inspired fielding to their loud mouth catcher who was not aware that she had to run to first after the ball bounced of her bat and dribbled into play. Neil darted forward, picked up the ball and threw to Sohan. Batter out! At that point it can only be described as a hissy fit followed with the gloves, bat flying to the ground with lots of screeching. Anyone would think think she had just caught her husband in bed with another two woman with the amount of fuss she made.

Pirates 13, Tornados 5

Sharon started off the fifth but was unlucky to get caught on a lovely hit followed by Shorty sharing the same fate with a great catch from the only nice guy on the opposition team. Despite best efforts from Donna we were out again with no runs scored but once again we were able to hold them. It was at this point I noticed some great sportsmanship from Tom who held his hand aloft to high five their short stop who completely ignored it. It would have been funny if he went for it then pulled away but that just showed what a bunch of miserable truckers they were.

Pirates 13, Tornados 5

Bottom of the sixth with everything to play for and here comes the Pirate rally with Neil leading off with a powerful line drive. Alice follows to first base with Tom whacking it to centre left who lets the ball bobble underneath him for a home run (though Neil performed Tom’s trademark cartwheel on the home plate). At this point their hysterical third base girl was heard to scream ‘WILL SOMEONE THROW THE F*CKING BALL IN’ but to no avail. Solid hits from Bola, Ruth and Nadine etched up another few runs squeezed and next thing you know the score is:

Pirates 18, Tornados 5

Last innings now and it looks in the bag. Four more runs from Shorty, Donna, Neil and Alice and we’re on 22 and almost certain to win. To be fair to the opposition they did try to bat and picked up a couple of runs but after a nice snag from Neil and go-go gadget arm catch from myself (sorry Donna) it was all over.

Pirates 22, Tornados 7.

Despite our offer of free beer and letting bygones by bygones we were once again snubbed by the Tornados, not that anyone actually cared. Apparently they were heard to say whilst drinking at their local that they would not drink with such an arrogant team. Arrogant, us? Teams like that should not even be allowed in the same postcode as heroes like us!

Here’s to hoping the Tornados run out of wind and go DOWN. Meanwhile back to winning ways for the Pirates. AAAAARRR!

MVP:              Ruth (5 out of 5 hits after coming back from injury)

Defence:          Tom ( Mentions for Neil and Dave)

Bola award:     Sharon (for always being so well prepared)

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