August 8th: Pirates vs Kamis

Highlights from last night by Alice:

We started out final match on a lovely hot summers day in JAW with a glass (beer pong cup) of chilled prosecco – courtesy of Phil (Thanks Phil) and gave the Kamikazes a big ARGH and a cheers before we started.

For our final match amazingly we had 7 and 7 considering we were missing Shorty as he had a broken finger and Dave as he is in France…………………………..still………………………running daily and putting ridiculous times on Facebook………………………………

The line up (or thereabouts) was

Sohan 1st, Marines RF, Chris SS, Nads 2B, Bola CR, Shaz C, Gids P, Alice LF, Michael DH, Lucy DH, Phil CL, Josie 3B, Mia DH, Paul DH

Match highlights:

Solid-as-a-rock Sohan on 1st base

Incredible relay from Marines in the outfield to the infield to Gids at home for a tag

5 RBI’s from out 13 runs from Chris including 2 excellent homers

An amazing catch form Nads at 2B and a huge rip at bat which unfortunately got into a Kamikaze glove at SS (unlucky nads)

Bola – the most chilled out running to 1st  that you’ve ever seen (some would say too chilled) and then some dodgybase running/run down thing between 1st and 2nd resulting in a slip over and then a huge dive to the base but unfortunately getting tagged out

Shaz had some good eyes under those sunnies for 2 walks

Gids had and amazing tag at home and some solid pitching for the new 30 year old!!!!! Oh and a mini tantrum when he hit an FC at 2B and then realising he was not running fast enough to 1st as he was busy tantruming and almost giving the kamies a double play – phew he saved it though

Alice had a huge hit to LF which was caught (boooo!), another huge hit to get to 2B and then a great catch in the outfield (wooooo!)

Michael got some action in the outfield much to Phils disgust as he had got none before he subbed off (haha) for Mike. The irony of Old Man Phil coming off for the younger player amused Dave greatly.

Lucy  had her power hits and made a great effort to come out south when she lives up Nawf – where only weirdos live

Phil – what can we say – Oh poor Phil got an out AND a base on error – he was gutted that he ruined his perfect score. We (the girls) were gutted too but the boys were secretly relishing it as it made their stats look better.

Josie got some solid hits and play on 3B. And the most important thing – remembering the pirate decorations for Gid’s birthday cake

Mia  was the ringer form the Parrots and the driver to Wimbledon in her little French car – Thanks Mia!!

Paul got a great hit to right field and got us all on the guest list for Po na na and more champers that Bola decided to spray over everyone

After all that activity we did a massive cheer and ended our leage matches with an win and PROMOTION!!!

Final Score

Pirates: 13- Kamis: 10 

Off to le Gothique to celebrate where they had run out of Pimms so gave us beer ‘taps’ instead, we bought a loads of shots but they ran out of apple sourz half way through pouring, and we had a carb free (!) cake for Gids 30th birthday. We then went to Po Na na in Wimbledon where Shaz was strutting her stuff in a sexy orange dress!!!!


MVP Dave – for not being with his fellow team mates but still writing match reports and making everyone feel sick with his runs advertised on facebook as they are too fast for an ‘old’ guy

Runner up Chris for his amazing performance of 5 RBI’s and 2 homers


Alice – for the great running catch in the outfield

Runner up Nads for an awesome catch at 2nd and Gids for his tag at home

The return of the Bola Award:

Bola for his ridiculous running between 1st and 2nd


Concise report by Marines:

Screenshot 2014-08-08 18.01.51






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