May 29th 2014: Pirates vs Voodoos

Voodoos, Voodoos, Voodoos. We just love playing the Voodoos. Not only did their health and safety Blue kill off our game against Heat last week, this was the team in the first season that tried and failed to get a point deducted for not fielding bases (which were ‘borrowed’ by another team). Also who could forget after our infamous game last year that saw Neil sent off by Mitch? Let’s just say there is a certain amount of bad blood between us. It was time for payback!

It looked as if we were going to have a full squad for our second home game of the season. With the exception Bola all the boyz were available, though Chris was nursing a strain and ‘Big Phil’ was injured but helping as defensive coach. For the first time we had almost a full selection of girls with Nads and Alice back for selection as well as Bryn, Olivia and Lucy. It didn’t quite work out that way as both Bryn and Lucy couldn’t make it due to work which meant the Agi got her first game of the season as Marines was away. They gave us 5 girls but luckily Alice’s flatmate Sarah was available to play although not so lucky was the fact she forgot her kit and had to cycle home to get it so she could play. That’s dedication!

Line up:

Sohan (1), Nads (2), Shorty (SS), Josie (3B), Dave (CL), Shaz (C), Gids (P), Alice (LF), Paul (CR), Agi (LF), Chris (DH), Sarah (DH)

1st innings:

Voodoos up to bat. It looked as if we had got off to a dream start with two immediate outs followed by a ball straight to Shorty. Somehow it seemed to completely spin away from the glove allowing them to make a few bases. It looked as if we had them all out again but in a deja vu of the Heat game a couple of rushed throws allowed them to pick up a few easy runs before Shorty found his feet to make the last out.

With Sohan up to bat we got off to a great start with Sohan, Nads, Josie and Dave all making bases. Unfortunately Shaz found the pitcher and with a couple of FCs we found ourselves all out for 2 runs scored but with 3 left on base D’oh!

Pirates 2- Voodoos 3

2nd innings:

One innings down and already this was a tense game. Luckily we were able to shake off our wobbly start and start cranking up the defensive plays with some great infield play from from Shorty/Sohan and Nads and lovely pitching from Gideon. Voodoos were out for 0. HA HA!

It wasn’t that funny as no sooner had we come back into bat then we were all out following outs from Alice, Agi and Sarah. It looked as Chris was going to join them and suffer a strike out but with the a full count he showed great composure to hit left field and limp to first (which is where he stayed).

Pirates 2- Voodoos 3

3rd innings:

Off we go again. Once again we were able to hold the Voodoos to zeros runs following a great double play from Shorty and a from Dave in the outfield courtesy of some great guiding from Alice who looked as if she was going to catch it right up until the last second when she said – ‘yours Dave’.

Top of the order and with Sohan out on first it was down to Nadine to make it to second whilst letting out her trademark squeal as she charged in. Shorty followed up with a huge hit over the outfield but their lightning fast relay meant that he could only make 3rd. Any other team and that would have been home for sure. Josie followed up with a cheeky hit and run to 1st before Dave hit his second homer of the season. Just as well he was paying attention to the Chris the base coach who shouted ‘GO HARD!’ just in the nick of time as the ball was relayed back to catch. Shaz up next who was guilty of letting the pitcher get into to her as she was out on first, before Gids made 2nd, Alice 1st and Paul was out after finding the foul lines. 5 runs scored though!!

Pirates 7, Voodoos 3

4th innings:

Sensing the game was slipping from them the Voodoos came out strong in the next innings. It looked as if we had them on the ropes with a couple of nice catches before Stu (chief Voodick) took advantage of a couple of walk to load the bases and pick up some runs. Luckily we were able to pick up the 3rd out before they could get any further but suddenly they were back in it.

Unlike the last innings our rally was quite short-lived as Chris was the only person to pick up a run as both Agi and Sarah were out running to 1st, before Sohan made second and picked up the RBI. Nadine hit a great shot but their 1st base took a difficult catch for the last out.

Pirates 8, Voodoos 6

5th innings:

This was close, too close for comfort. Once again they managed to load the bases at the right time to try to snatch the lead but they didn’t take into account Josie’s excellent fielding at 3rd. Twice in a row the ball was slammed down past 3rd base and first time Josie made a great snag and tag for the out followed by a second snag and throw to 2nd where Nads (with legs fully stretched out) took a great catch earning them defensive play of the day. Phew- only 1 run scored but still tight.

Shorty up to bat this time with another massive hit to the outfield followed by a great relay to deny his home run. Dave followed up by a near identical hit that some him reach 3rd as well before Shaz brought him home with an RBI. Both Josie and Gids were unlucky to be caught out but at least we had 2 runs.

Pirates 10, Voodoos 7

6th innings:

With the game still tight as a gnat’s chuff the Pirates pulled out another great defensive play that saw Gids pick up a strike as well as Shorty and Dave both make catches. Zero runs scored and the game was in our grasp.

Confidence was clearly riding high as Alice smashed a shot way over the outfield to make 2nd, followed by a line drive from Paul that somehow saw him make 2nd after weaving through two fielders. Agi kept out the good work making 1st as did Chris (2nd), Sarah (1st), Sohan (1st), Nadine (1st), Shorty (2nd), Dave (2) giving us a whopping 8 runs before Josie, Gids and Shaz were out. 8 runs was surely enough this time?

Pirates 18, Voodoos 7

7th innings:

This was it. Time to end the Voodoos, which is exactly what we did. Again our defence was excellent as we made some great plays to hold them to 3 runs in the final innings. VICTORY!!!!

Final Score: Pirates 18, Voodoos 10

MVP: Dave

runner up: Shorty

Defensive play: JoNads (Josie snag and throw to leg split Nads on second)

Shaz non play of the day: Letting the pitcher get inside her head!








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