June 3rd 2014: Tigers vs Pirates:

With Chris and Josie out hobnobbing with the Queen at the Garden Party it was down to Dave to deputise as Captain. He didn’t get off to the best start by sharing too much information with the Tigers that we might be a girl short (as Nads, Bryn, Olivia and Eva were all absent) but also sent out the 2013 map of Regent’s Park. As Chris pointed out ‘it’s not so easy this captaincy lark eh Dave!’

Fortunately with Shorty and Paul on the case the organisational side went well and not only did Paul manage to recruit Miya from the Parrots to play but the weather came good, exactly as Shorty (well accuweather) predicted it would be. Even more impressive was the fact that almost everyone managed to find the pitch and arrived there almost 15 minutes early, allowing us precious warm up time. Not so impressive from the Tigers as they were still missing a couple of girls by 7.10 but they arrived in the nick of time.

Line up:

Sohan (1), Marines (RF), Shorty (SS), Miya (3), Dave (CR), Alice (2), Gids (P), Lucy (LF), Bola (CL), Shaz (C)

Sub: Paul

1st Innings:

The best bit about being the away team is that you take the field first, which is exactly what we did. No sooner had they started when the Gids one man show took over with an immediate strike out, then a catch before Alice was allowed to catch the 3rd batter out. What a start!

The worst bit about being the away team is that you get to bat second. Wait a minute- that’s not right? Well in our case it was as Sohan was struck out for the first time this season, Miya was out running to first and Dave was caught on a big hit that floated just a bit too long in the outfield, leaving both Marines and Shorty on base. Not so great!

Tigers 0, Pirates 1

2nd innings:

With a 1 run lead we had to concentrate on our defence once again. Just as the doctor ordered we managed our second shut out in a row courtesy of some nice infield play which saw Shorty make a double play thanks to the runner leaving the base while the ball was in the air.

Back in bat with Alice leading off who opted for a walk, followed by Gids out on first. Lucy took her chances by going for the full count before slamming a ball way over the outfield and earning an RBI, before Bola hit a lovely shot down the left to make 3rd (RBI), Shaz made 2nd (RBI), Sohan made 2nd (RBI). Marines was caught out by their impressive short stop and Shorty, Miya and Dave all made bases before Alice found the short stop. 6 runs scored this time though.

Tigers 0, Pirates 7

3rd innings:

6-0 up now and time to start turning the screw. Gids started off with another great catch , followed by Sohan taking a catch on 1st and then throwing to 2nd for the second double play in succession from a runner leaving the base. Nice!

Gids hit a tight line drive which saw him scurry to 2nd, followed by another Lucy bomb before Bola was caught out, waaaay in the outfield. Shaz punished the pitcher with a walk and even used the old pro trick of moving right to the front of the plate to make it harder to pitch. Must have been revenge for last week hey Shaz? Either way it earned her a RBI and left Sohan to make to to 1st (RBI), Marines (1), Shorty (FC,RBI) before Miya and Dave were left on base again as Alice found the short stop. 5 runs scored so not complaining!

Tigers 0, Pirates 12

4th innings:

Back to business again with yet another shut out. Gids was on top form to strike another Tiger out as was Bola who demonstrated his trademark flying cherub catch in the outfield. With bases loaded and just when it looked they were going to score their first run Gids made an amazing throw to 1st from the plate to make the out and deny their first run. So cruel, yet so clinical.

Marines found the short stop which allowed Shorty to pick off the RBIs as Miya, Dave and Alice  were left on base again, Gids being the final out. 5 runs scored and close to our first mercy!

Tigers 0, Pirates 17

5th innings:

Time for a change up as Bola came in at short and Paul subbed in for Dave. Gids made it to first, followed by Lucy’s fourth hit in a row, allowing Bola, then shaz to pick up the RBIs albeit from her second walk in succession. Sohan’s cry of ‘oh no’ as he hit is straight to the short stop was unfounded as the ball sneaked under his glove and Sohan made 1st, then 2nd, as Shaz, for reasons unknown, made a Shazacidal run from 2nd to 3rd and was tagged on the base. ‘Might as well not taken the walk’ as Bola pointed out whilst base coaching. Rule number 2- always listen to your base coach!

With only 1 out we continued to bat away with Marine opted for the walk, Shorty picking up another couple of RBIs before this time Paul was left on base as Miya was out running to 1st and Alice was caught out by her favourite short stop. Clearly Alice had a thing for this guy! Another 6 runs and surely the game was ours?

The short answer to that was yes. No sooner had Paul come on then he took a solid catch at centre right followed by catch from Shorty in the outfield. The Tigers once again loaded the bases and this time looked as if they had finally scored with a decent hit only for the blue to call the batter out for stepping out the box. As Shorty will confirm it’s a crap way to be called out, especially as it meant that we recorded our first mercy and a complete shut out! Wooooooo!!

Final score: Tigers 0, Pirates 23


MVP: Lucy (4 runs, 4 L-Bombs, 2 RBIS, 0.8 at bat)

Runner up: Shorty

Defensive play: Gids (throw to 1st, numerous catches and strike outs and  5 innings shut out)

Runners up: Bola and Paul

Shaz of the day: 1000 on the day- 2 walks, 2 hits, 3 runs 2 RBIS

From Hero to Zero award: Shaz for her suicidal run from 2nd to 3rd. Again.





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