July 18 2013- Pirates vs Kamikazes

With the summer showing no signs of letting up it was time to play the Kamikazes again, this time at home on a very hard pitch. Only a fool would dive or slide on this surface unless of course they have sliding pad (eh Chris?)

Confidence was riding high in the Pirates- not only had we won ourlast two games but we were able to welcome back Nira for a guest appearance as well as Sohan and Phil. It was also great to see Donna back as a spectator as well as Alice’s squeeze Rob who finally met the Pirates!

It looked as if we were going to be able to play a 7-7 but unfortunately Josie was nursing an injury  we opted for a 6-6 with Paul as the sub.

Line up:

Sohan (1B), Baldeep (2B), Phil (LCF), Nads (3B), Neil (P), Viene (C), Chris (DH), Alice (LF), Bola (SS), Shaz (DH), Dave (RCF/Sub-Paul), Nira (RF)

1st innings:

Unusually the Kamis opted to bat first which we welcomed as it gave us a chance to try our new formation- Nira and Alice in the outfield. It didn’t get off to the best of chances with Dave flattening Baldeep whilst charging in for her fly ball but luckily she wasn’t hurt and dusted herself off for the next play. That was about the only mistake we made as Nira used her rocket for a great relay with Nads on third, followed by another play to Nads from Neil and then a nice catch from Sohan on 1st with only the oe run conceded.

As Shorty was absent this time it was left to Sohan to lead off with a lovely ball to outfield. It had everything required for his first homer except the kami fielder standing right under it. Oooooh shite.

With Sohan out it was left to Baldeep, Phil and Nads to bring in the runs and RBIs, which they duly duty with a lovely 2nd base hit from Nads.  Neil up next who somehow beat the run to first in spite of the fielder almost standing on it. He wasn’t quite so lucky running into to 2nd from Viene’s hit but both Chris and Alice all made base to set up the potential Grand Slam for Bola. Not this time for Bola was struck out by their female pitcher. Clearly her piercing blue eyes got the better of Bola!

2nd innings

We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the second innings as their first batter was caught out by Chris. That being said their next 3 batters all made bases and It looked as if they were put some runs on the board until a great double play from Sohan and Viene. Here’s how it went down:

Batter tries to hit the gap between 1st and 2nd but its scooped up by Sohan who beats the runner to 1st base. Batter out! At the same time Viene at catch screams for the ball at home. Sohan throws in and Viene takes the catch. Batter out and double play- Booooooom!

Bottom of the order now and Shaz is up first with a nice hit to secure 1st base. No sooner was she on first then she was running home after a 2nd base hit from Dave followed by base hits from Nira, Sohan and Baldeep- each gaining a RBI and making the home plate. Unusually both Phil and Nadine were out in quick succession (Phil’s first out in 5 games!). It was left to Neil to start the batting again with another tight run to first followed by a run to home after a HUGE hit to the outfield from Viene. Chris, Alice and Bola continued the great batting with Shaz taking the walk to set up Dave for the Grand Slam. No home run but another 2nd base hit to bring in the RBIs before the third out on a fielder’s choice. 11 runs scored though, equalling our season best. Woop!

Pirates 14, kamis 1

3rd innings

This was starting to look like our first mercy of the season as the Kamis once again managed to score 0 runs thanks to some great defence in both the infield and outfield. Once again Nira and her rocket arm was involved after narrowly missing a catch on the run but still making the throw for the out, as was Sohan who was having a storming game on first. Neil also joined in the rout with a strike out.

Spoke to soon on that. No sooner had we dismissed the kamis then we were also all out for a joint duck after Baldeep was out running to first, Nads was caught be the pitcher and Neil was tagged running into 2nd  thanks to an unexpectedly good throw from leftfield.  That left poor Phil stranded on second base.

Pirates 14, Kamis 1

4th innings

Once again we out the pressure on the Kamis with Neil picking up another strike out. It looked as if we were going to be repeat the third innings until with bases loaded their batter hit a lovely shot straight under Chris’s glove. It must have been super powerful as it also bounced under Bola’s glove and then Shaz’s glove. In a scene reminiscent of the keystone cops all three turned around to chase the ball down and relay back to home to stop the home run, which they did but 3 runs conceded. fortunately their run ended soon with Neil’s third strike out of the game.

Viene up to bat this time who true to form delivers another bomb to the outfield. This time they were wise to it and we able to place themselves for the catch. Fortunately Chris was up next who made first, then Alice (1st) and Bola (1st with dreaded fielder’s choice) before Shaz took her second walk of the game to set Dave up for his second attempt on the Grand Slam. Once again a second base hit to deliver 2 more RBIs before Nira was caught by first base. 2 runs scored so we were well in control again!

Pirates 16, Kamis 4

5th innings:

Unlike the previous innings we were able to hold the Kamis to just the single run scored thanks to two catches from Neil. Bola was unlucky to have the ball bounce out of his glove but it didn’t matter as Chris took the next catch and they were all out. That’s more like it!

At this point the Kamis changed tact slightly by replacing their female pitcher with a guy. For the second time in the game Sohan was able to lead off with a solid hit to take first with Phil making second and driving him home. It looked as if we had another run fest brewing saw Nadine was caught out the second time in a row by second base and then Neil was out trying to sneak between first and second after already chancing his luck running to first. Sneaky sneaky Neil!

Pirates 18, Kamis 5

6th innings:

With the game almost in the bag it was time to mix things up with some position changes- Chris came in to pitch, Sohan took short stop (!), Paul subbed in at first, Bola took third and Nadine moved to second while Neil (!) headed to the outfield along with Phil. Whilst Chris got immediately into the swing of pitching the infield took a little longer to gel with their new positions after throws in from both Nadine and Bola overshot Paul on first base, despite his best attempt to block the low balls. Those overthrows helped the Kamis secure another 3 runs before it was business as usual in the field with Chris taking a catch, then striking out the next batter before Neil got in on the act with a beauty of the catch in the outfield.

10 runs in it now and Viene up to bat but this time she makes the pitcher sweat and take the walk. To make matters worse Chris- for the first time ever- was struck out!! Yep- that’s not typo- he did strike out and as he left the box to cheers and whistles from the entire opposition team even the blue commented ‘he never strikes out!’. That must have unsettled us as no sooner had Chris performed the long walk back then Alice was out on a fly ball and Viene was out running to second off Bola’s bat. Noooooooo! 4 up, 3 down.

Pirates 18- Kamis 8

7th Innings:

This is it- the top of the 7th and possibly the last innings if we could hold the kamis or at least stop them from scoring 11 runs. Nads took a great catch for the first out but then, with runners on 2 bases they hit their first home run of the game to bring in 3 runs. Their fight back was short lived as Sohan delivered not one, but two inch perfect throws in a row to Paul on 1st to stop them in their tracks. Game over with an innings to spare, the only negative being poor Paul didn’t get a chance to bat despite coming in on the 5th inning.

Final score

Pirates 18, Kamis 11

MVP: Dave (1000% and 5 RBIs)

Runners up: Sohan and Nira

Defensive Play: Sohan (double play with Viene, numerous catches AND two great throws as short stop)

Runners up: Nira and Neil

Bola award: Pirate love vs international jet set traveller! 

Nira wins this coveted award after a vote off.

Shaz of the day: TWO walks in a row and a run from 1st to home!

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