May 29 2013: Kamikazes vs Pirates

Following on from our first win last week courtesy of a forfeit we were looking forward to the actual possibility of winning a real game. Fortunately for us we were playing the Kamikazes who were rooted firmly bottom at the table along with the Tigers, so we stood a good chance of beating them.

With so many players out this week (Josie, Baldeep, Merin, Neil, Phil and Sohan) there was a slight panic from certain members of the team who will remain nameless that we wouldn’t be able to field a full team. Lucky for us Bola, who was an injury doubt, showed true Pirate spirit and committed to play with a fractured rib (Purple Heart award to Bola) and we were able to play 5 and 5.

Line up:

Shorty (CL), Alice (2), Chris (SS), Nadine (3), Dave (CR), Shaz (C), Bola (1), Marine (LF), Gideon (P), Lorraine (RF)

1st Innings:

We couldn’t have asked for a better start with Shorty in his first league game punishing the pitcher and taking the walk. Next up Alice smashes the ball and makes it easily to first while Chris let’s fly and makes it to third, driving Shorty around to home for the RBI. With Nads unlucky to make it to first (screaming ever so sweetly all the way though and picking up the RBI), Dave not obeying his own rules (don’t slow up running to first base) followed by Bola almost taking out the entire team with a slippery softball bat and suddenly we were all out but with 3 runs scored.

With Gideon handed his first official start as pitcher he took a couple of goes to find the Blue’s slightly odd strike zone and then we were off. Whilst it can’t be said the Kamikazes were hitting many bombs (more like pea rollers in the wet grass) they certainly did manage to load up the bases and were also able to bring in 3 runs before great plays from Chris, Bola and Alice put a stop to their innings.

Kamis 3: Pirates 3

2nd Innings:

Showing real aggression at the plate Marines literally flew towards the front of the box and cracked a lovely shot into the outfield to make first. Gideon followed this with a nice hit and speedy run to first which set Shorty up with the glory Home Run hit for 3RBIs after Lorraine was narrowly out on first. Alice followed this with another great hit and run to first with Chris up next. It was clear that anything that Shorty could do i.e. Home Run, Chris could do. So he did- Home Run straight over the head of the centre right fielder for 2 RBIs. With Nadine out again screaming to first it was left to Dave to pick up the last run courtesy of hits from Shaz and Bola (RBI) before Marines was struck out (on high balls I might add) and we were out but with 6 runs scored.

This time around we were able to tighten up the defence and only allow the Kamikazes just the one run. Chris made a great play with a fake through to home allowing hime to tag the eager but gullible runner off first. Perhaps inspired by Chris’s fake Alice also tried the same move but ended up dummying herself as the ball span about 2 feet above her head and plopped to the floor. It didn’t matter though as Bola was on hand to direct Gideon’s throws into first and they were out for a single run.

Kamis 4: Pirates 9

3rd Innings

With confidence riding high Gideon led off with another decent hit to make first. Lorraine followed up with the same leaving Shorty (RBI) , Alice, Chris (RBI), Nads (RBIx2) followed by a Home Run from Dave to pick up 7 runs out of 7! Sharon made the ‘Shaz of the Day award) with a sprint to first (the short stop didn’t even bother to throw in) and later made it to home thanks to a Gideon RBI. Alas it had to come to an end with their pitcher finding some good form to strike out both Marines and Lorraine whilst Shorty couldn’t quite make it to first (thereby ruining is 1.0 average so far). Still with 8 runs scored and the fact we once again held them to only one run courtesy of some great pitching from Gideon and an amazing catch from Marines in the outfield (Best Defensive Award), we had sailed into a commanding lead!

Kamis 5: Pirates 17

4th Innings

Unfortunately we were not able to replicate our 8 run rally in the next innings and with Alice out on first, followed by a tag to Chris’s face sliding into second and Shaz caught out by the short stop we were only only to make the single run from Nadine (Dave RBI). Still at 18-5 it was starting to look as if we might mercy them in the fifth until the Kamis staged their own mini rally against us. With one down one of their guys managed to hit one of the biggest homers of the season. He certainly got his weight behind it and slugged the ball so far it easily cleared the heads of the outfield to pick up a couple of runs. Their pitcher followed suit with a second home run, followed by some more great hitting from the Kamis. Fortunately Shorty brought their revival to an abrupt end with a great ‘palm’ catch in the outfield.

Kamis 9: Pirates 18

5th Innings:

Clearly Bola was feeling a bit left out of the Home Run club and duly made up for this with a lovely shot to the centre left field and Home Run of his own. Mind you walking to the home plate is not advisable when there was a Kami female fielder whose throw was perhaps even faster than Shorty’s missile. With Marines falling victim to another round of high ‘strikes’ and subsequent bat fling in anger, it was left to Gideon, Lorraine and Shorty to pick up the runs. Quite how Lorraine made it to third after hitting a bobbly ball to the pitcher is not clear but in doing so got the RBI, as did Shorty. Alice was sooo unlucky to go out on a catch in the outfield following her biggest hit ever and Chris once again found getting tagged in the face whilst sliding in to second is not much fun. 4 runs scored though so it was all good!

Good soon became great when Gideon took to the plate. In a ‘who needs team mates’ play Gideon managed to strike out two players and to add insult to injury performed a trademark Chris ‘catch and roll’ to get the third out for 0 runs scored. BOOM!

Kamis 9: Pirates 22

6th Innings:

With evening beginning to set in (so much for Summer) the Blues decided that we were going to need to speed up and try and win the game with a mercy rule. Of course we did our best to oblige with a nice 2 down rally with Marines once again flying into the ball with a massive hit, followed by a 2nd base hit from Bola to bring Dave home and last but by no means least Gideon who hit a Home Run to complete the clean sweep from the guys. Mind you poor Marines had to run like the wind as Gideon ran through the bases ‘Weyman’ style, whilst pirouetting through second base. Our attack continued with Lorraine and Shorty both making bases until Alice was unlucky for the second time to be caught by the pitcher on another screaming shot.

This time the Kamis were a bit wiser to Gideon’s pitching especially after one landed on the batter’s shoulder prompting Gideon to ask- ‘Can I have another new ball please, this one has a dent in it’. Lucky for them they managed to score another 3 runs (and avoid the mercy) before great plays from Alice, Chris and Bola (who owned first base through out the game) brought the innings to an end.

Kamis 12: Pirates 26

7th Innings:

Despite the scoreline the Kamis came out fighting to the end and put on a great defensive play to take Chris out running to first, Nadine out running to third and Shazza out running to first. It didn’t matter too much as they were going to need 14 runs just to draw even and with an automatic out that was always going to be tough. They gave it a great shot though with big hits to the outfield (2 runs scored) until their home run guy was caught out in the outfield by a Dave charge in.

Final Score:

Kamis 14: Pirates 26


MVP: Gideon (8 strike outs, 1 Home Run, 1.0 batting average), runner up :Chris

Best Defensive play: Marines for her great catch in the outfield,

Runners up: Shorty palm catch, Chris multiple catches, Gideon catch and roll

Bola award: Bola (for almost taking out the team with his slippery first at bat)

Shaz play of the day: Running so fast to first the short stop didn’t bother to throw

Highlights: 5 home runs, 8 run rally, Marines throwing bat in anger then coming back with a great hit, Alice’s bomb to outfield, Nadine’s screams

Lowlights: Lorraine treading in a massive poo (there had to be one negative thing about this game)


Gideon giving Neil a run for his money!!

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