Introducing the Pimlico Parrots

As you all know Neil has been keen on the idea of setting up a second team for next season which would be more of a recreational/social team. In keeping with the Pirates theme and our Pimlico heritage the most obvious name for the team is the Pimlico Parrots!! Quite how a 'squawk' at the … Continue reading Introducing the Pimlico Parrots


After a messy, fun and some might say noisy night in Northcote Road, Clapham, we were all winners! Here's a rundown of the softball awards, all 39 of them! Nominees Winner 1 MOST IMPROVED FEMALE Alice - Marines - Shazza Marines 2 MOST IMPROVED MALE Sohan -Bola Sohan 3 BEST OUTFIELDER Josie - Dave - … Continue reading WINNERS!!