Firstball 2013

With two matches played and two losses Firstball was always going to be about coming together, having some fun and trying some new positions. With a tough opener against the favourites (Fuzzy Ducks) we were made to pay for batting (or lack of) although with on the plus side the outfield took some great catches (Shorty, Phil). At least we all looked great in or new shirts and Shorty got to warm up ‘the arm of an angry god’.

Next up were Raiders Indigo and with Neil back as pitcher we eased to a comfortable victory with some tidy batting. On the plus side Phil almost managed to take out their third base girl and was promptly called out, Sohan, Josie and Phil showed some consistent batting and Bola made the second base runner pay with a fake throw in and subsequent tag out in the ‘play of the day award’.

1-1 now and off to the play our favourite team- the Voodoos, complete with a Canadian ringer at short short. With Neil’s glove going AWOL it was left to Dave to pitch. Clearly the Voodoos were in the mood for walking as the misery Blue call ball about a 100 times in a row as they advanced around. At 9-2 it looked as if it was all over but with a Pirate rally including a home run from Dave followed a double play by Chris (catch and tag),a great catch from Josie and then another 3 runs in the next innings the game finished 11-9 to the Voodoos. Ouch.

With Chris whoring himself out again we faced another old adversary- The Lone Wolves. No longer the whipping boy of tournament days this team launched into an all out attack and next thing you know we are 15-0 down!! Fortunately we managed a nice 5 run rally inspired by Bola and his sliding to at least come in with a respectable defeat as opposed to a white wash.

At 3-1 we were sure that we would be battling out for 7th/8th place but that honour fell to the Raiders and Hampstead Heat. Instead we were playing off for 5th/6th and the Plate (!) against the Voodoos again. Revenge was on the cards and with a new line up and Gideon (!!) as pitcher , Shorty as short stop and Bola on first we took to the field. Quite how or why the shuffle worked but it did as suddenly everyone was hitting the gaps and flying around the bases. With Gideon striking out a number of the Voodoos we stormed into an early lead and managed to hold them whilst adding to our runs. With catches from Bola, Nadine, Sharon in the outfield (Shaz play of the day award), a tag on the home plate from Meirin (throw in from Sohan) AND possibly the reflex catch of the season from Gideon (from Zero to Hero award) they barely scored a run whilst great batting from Alice, Chris Baldeep the game was over and the Plate ours!

Mind you no one actually picked up the plate…..


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