Solent Last Ball- 2013

It was inevitable that the season would have to come to an end. Just like last year It was Solent Lastball that would finish off the season but this time it was just a one day job.

With some of the regular pirates out it was time for some last minute recruitment as we welcomed Steve (loan wolves) and Nads2 (base invaders) as well as Rob to play his first game as a Pirate! Other than a ringer on the day it was business as usual with Alice, Nads, Shaz, Viene making up the girls and Paul, Phil, shorty, Dave the Pirate regulars.

As with recent tradition it was another early start for us as the first game was at 9.45. Ordinarily that would be fine except we were playing in Portsmout- 65 miles away. With some military precision planning and organisation from Alice, Shorty and Paul during the week we were amazed when we all arrived within 2 minutes of each other in four separate cars.

Unfortunately that was probably our best play of the day as we went on to lose the first game against the odd sox (13-4). Alice pulled out a great catch in right field as did Shorty at centre right with Phil taking a diving catch at short. Steve got to pitch the first game and take a few strike outs whilst Nads2 showed some limber moves at first and of course Shaz retained her beloved position at catch.

Sensing they were the in form team we expected to come back and beat Ascot Blues in the 2nd game. This time Viene got to pitch and Shaz got to play right field and also took a great catch, before toppling over backwards on the next big play (ouch). It looked as if we were going to take the game  but surrendered our lead and lost by a couple of runs in the last innings (13-11). Certainly the blue didn’t help by whispering an infield fly call in the penultimate  innings saw Steve and Dave go out and with it our chances.

After a break we were up against the Brewers. Again they won the toss and fielded first and held us to a couple of runs. Unfortunately we couldn’t do they same as they scored 7 in the first. With a new aggressive fielding formation from Phil (Alice playing in the outfield hole behind second) suddenly there were catches from all the team including a palm splitter from Viene at third and big catches in the outfield from Nads, Dave and Shorty. Playing this way  we managed to hold then to just a couple of runs over the next 3 innings while we picked up a couple of runs each turn. Paul managed the play of the day with a a superman dive into third base but just as it looked like the worm hand turned only the Nlue to called time. Aaaagh 9-7 this time!

Hmmm 0-3 and we were heading for the wooden spoon play off with a two hour gap to get some practice in. Even better than practice were the lemon drizzle cakes made by Nads2 as well as Alice’s apple sponge cake. It was like our very own great pirate bake off and we were the winners. Yum yum yum!

After our extended break we were ready to play for the spoon against the Hurricanes. For the first time we actually won the toss and elected to field first. Clearly this is some form of tournament tactic as we got off to a great start, this time with Shorty playing second, Viene on 1st, Nads on third and Nads2, Alice, Dave and Paul in the outfield. After initially holding them and then finally getting the bats hot it looked as if we were finally going to win until Steve suffered a wobble at pitch and the walking began. That have them all the ammo they needed to edge ahead as they added to their runs while we barely moved, despite a string of decent hits. With the 10 minute warning to no new innings called we went all out aggressive attack which came close but not close enough to catch them.

Strangely enough no one was actually that concerned as we were happy to call it a day. With some great catches from everyone, new position experimentation (hee hee) and sponge cakes galore it was a great way to end the season.

Next time we’ll beat them though!!

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