Firstball May 2014

Pirates make it to semi finals

Unlike D1 last week the Gods had been kind to us this tournament with the sun out and the temperature reaching a balmy 22 C. The suntan lotion was on by 9.30 and the beers out for 11am. Certainly couldn’t ask for better weather or location in Old Deer Park, Richmond.

Despite having approximately 18 girls registered to both the Pirates and the Parrots it came as a surprise that only Alice, Marines and Shaz were able to play on the day. The boyz were out in force with Chris, Paul, Bola, Sohan, Dave and Gids all playing but the lack of girls was a huge challenge for Chris and Bola who spent half the day borrowing players from other teams.

The day started off very well with impressive wins over the Voodoos and the Raiders followed with a low scoring draw against the Banditos, That left only the Canary Cubs to play who were undefeated. After starting well and going 6-0 up the game look in the bag until their guys started to hit the gaps and we were left trailing 11-6. To make matters worse we suffered a classic 3 up 3 down with three fielders choice in a row.

The loss didn’t matter too much as we were still placed 3rd and would be playing our favourite team- The Base Invaders. After already losing to them once this season we were hoping for revenge but in a case of deja vu our batting was not strong enough and our defence not tight enough with overthrows in the first innings. We tried our best to bat our way out of trouble and picked up a few runs but once again they piled on the runs and the game was called. The Base Invaders went on to win against the Canary Cubs which was a great result for them.

We finished up the day with a beer, coconut and a Nandos by the river. Quality!

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