Firstball; May 2012

Position: Winners! (cat c with the Fuzzy Ducks)

The ‘Fuzzy Pirates’ emerged as winners of the Firstball category C division after a mercy rule in the final against Raiders Green.

Pirates: Dave Conitzer, Sohan Sam, Alice Robinson, Marines Piney

Inter-league: June 23 2012

Position: 4th Place after playoff with the Comets

A respectable 4th place for the Pirates despite competing against higher ranked teams including The Mob, Comets Yellow (and Black) and the mighty Douche.

4th place and no cheating ringer team


Raiders Invitational: August 

Position: Runners up with the ‘Green Swinging Pirates’

Were unfortunate to lose the final against the Werewolves but then again we were playing with only 4 guys and 6 girls. Then again some of the girls were Raiders….

Pirates: Nadine Clarke, Dave Conitzer

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